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Patons Classic Wool In A "POA" Color?

Question: "What type and color yarn did you use for the POA sweater? I'm considering using Paton's Classic Wool in Mercury color."

Our Answer: After seeing the Mercury shade in person, we quickly came to the conclusion that it is best not to trust the colors of website graphics and photos when selecting yarn - unless you already know what the color actually looks like.

As a new color (in 2009) in the Patons® Classic Merino wool palette of colors, the choice of "Mercury" is a good choice for a POA styled school sweater. It is darker than the "Grey Mix" but it is not a "charcoal" grey - it is more of a "battleship" grey.

Nearly every Harry Potter fans has their own idea as to which color is authentic, especially for this sweater/cardigan.

We use the flat black [for those who are allergic to wool] as it is the closest to the charcoal mix wool yarn we use but with this new color, the POA sweater will look somewhat more authentic than with the lighter heathery gray.

The COS styled sweaters are knit using Grey Mix [shade #00225].

Although we do not use worsted weight yarn for our wizard wear sweaters, we do use a flat black acrylic, when we receive a request for the POA style sweater - in acrylic.

This new color, "Mercury" [shade #77044] is obviously a better choice than black for those who are knitting using a worsted weight yarn.

Why do we love Classic Wool?

100% merino wool 100 grams (3-1/2 ounces) 223 yards 4"=20 stitches on size 7 needles

Dye lotted, Hand wash, dry flat.

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