Turn Around Time
For Our Knitwear Products

Turn around time was relatively short when we first opened the doors to Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear back in 2002. 

Demand for our custom knit "wizard wear" sweaters and scarves peaked around 2007 at the height of the Harry Potter© phenomenon.

Since 2009, the demand for Harry Potter inspired knits has gone down considerably but since then, and even in the current year, the demand for custom made knitwear has been replaced by orders for other costuming knits - in other words, we remain busy all year around.

Our standard turn around time (4-6 weeks) is entirely dictated by the volume of orders we receive from all sources.  

We do not take on RUSH Orders (3 weeks or less).  

The minimum turn around time allows us to order required materials, transit time for delivery of materials, pattern drafting, knitting time, and assembly.  

When all the stars are lined up just so and  knitwear is completed ahead of schedule - we ship it.  It happens more often than one might think :-)

It does not include the posted 3 day Priority Mail delivery. 

Orders are processed according to the sequence in which they are received and delivered on a monthly schedule.  

When the production schedule for a particular month is "fully booked" with NEW orders, the delivery date is pushed forward to the following month to help us maintain the minimum turn around time,.

The current delivery date is posted at the top of each page on the Custom Costume Knits website.

Recently, one such "busy" month filled up over a three day period due to multiple item orders.

As a result, we cannot anticipate know how rapidly the monthly production slots will be filled.

Pushing the delivery date forward only affects NEW orders.

It does not alter existing orders and their scheduled delivery.

Certain Factors Affect Turn Around Time

  • Multiple item orders (2, 4, 6 or more items per order take longer to process) - We ship the entire order at once to save on shipping costs.
  • Buying items separately, in back to back orders, will not expedite production time. We group such orders together and they automatically become a multiple item order.
  • We ship packages every weekday, including Saturday mornings - during business hours to ensure they are shipped that day. Please allow 3 business days for US Priority Mail shipping [with Delivery Confirmation] to continental US destinations.
  • For international destinations, where packages can only be posted during business hours, please allow an extra 7-10 days transit time plus an undetermined number of days while the package is held in Customs. This varies according to country.

Turn Around Time

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