Return Policy
For Hobbie's Knitwear Products

Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear has a well-established return policy.

Although we've broken this policy way too many times in the past, since early 2005 - in great part due to the volume of orders we receive for custom made knitwear - we now strictly adhere to our return guidelines.

To ensure a great fit, each and every item of knitwear is custom knit just for you. We do not carry any inventory.

As a free service, Hobbie's House offers potential customers an extensive analysis of sizing and finished garment measurements.

Provided with a customer's correct measurements, this service virtually eliminates all sizing and fitting issues before the customer places an order.   They are assured a perfectly fitting sweater.

It also helps customers verify measurements for standard sizes. In fact, it has nearly eliminated the need for a return policy.

This virtual fitting session, conducted via email communication, does not compare to the face-to-face “fitting” we've conducted since 1975 when preparing to make a custom knit garment but it has provided us with the details necessary to make minor adjustments which result in a great fit for each customer.

When initially reviewing the sizing charts, please check the height range posted for each size category.

  • Inaccurate measurements, and drastic weigh gain or loss between order and delivery date will obviously affect the results of these virtual fitting sessions.
  • Guessing at the size you wear also results in less than pleasant surprises. It could mean a difference of up to 4 sizes. The exchange of accurate information can virtually eliminate this situation.
  • We are not responsible for the resulting poor fit due to the omission or complete disregard of vital sizing information.

Understanding Sizing & Fit

A Petite, Regular, or Tall stature helps determine the finished length of your sweater.

Several sizes in Petites, Juniors, and Misses come close to each other in finished measurements.  However, as finished garments, other factors [shoulder width, armhole depth and total length] make them fit very differently from each other.

Example: The measurements of a Junior 5 may seem right but if you are 5'9" in height, the sweater will look as if it belongs to a younger sister.

Our knitwear is designed with generous wearing ease - considerably more ease than most manufacturers add to their garments.

Our experience in both custom sewing and knitting has shown that "store-bought" clothes run smaller [the only exceptions are the high-end designers] and the fit is generally tighter due to a minimum of wearing ease.

For example, the sweater you buy off the rack might be a size 10, but our size 8 would probably be larger.

We are more than willing to work with every customer, in advance, to make sure they know exactly what they will be receiving. When an order contains conflicting sizing information, we will always attempt to verify the details before proceeding with the order.

However...every business needs to have a return policy in place.

So what IS Hobbie's return policy?

  • Refunds will not be issued for sweaters, vest and cardigans knit to custom measurements and/or colors combos.
  • Refunds will not be issued for any knitwear item (including scarves) which has already been worn.

Are there exceptions to the return policy?

Yes, there are.  Returns, however, are extremely rare.  Why?  Few of our customers order knits in standard sizes. 

Our specialty is custom sizing and 90% of our customers order custom sized, custom-made items.   These products are "one of a kind" and cannot be sold.

Any return request for standard sized products is handled on an individual basis, after very careful review of the reasons behind the request.

We take great pride in stating that after more than 39 years in the custom knitting business and hundreds of sweaters and scarves per year, we have never had a return or even a request for a return due to inferior quality of workmanship or the receipt of damaged goods.

Our quality control system ensures all items are knit to our exacting standards. The slightest defect requires the item be partially or completely re-knit before proceeding with the order.   In fact, your order is examined again during packaging to spot any problems prior to shipment.

The same quality control standards apply to the few items which are not knit in our studio.

We document [via a series of photos] the condition of every item which leaves Hobbie's House.

In either case, why in the Wizarding world would we knowingly ship any item of wizard wear which is obviously damaged? The bottom line is that we stand behind the quality of every product sold and shipped.

A review of this Return Policy is always helpful and a single email can make the difference between a sweater that fits and one that does not.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Looking For A Full Refund?

To qualify for a "full refund" (which we consider the cost of your entire order), a pre-approved return item must be:

  • A standard size without any customization,
  • Returned within 5 days of receipt,
  • In "like new", and unworn condition. Refund will be prorated according to the condition of the returned item.
  • Complete with attached care label and store tag,
  • Packaged exactly as the item was received - folded and place in its plastic wrapper, shipped via US Priority Mail, and at the sender's expense with delivery confirmation.

In other words, the merchandise must be in its original condition. Sadly, due to issues related to the above mentioned "condition", we also document [via photos] the condition of every item which leaves Hobbie's House. In other words, we know the condition was in when we packaged the knitwear for shipment.

Refund will be issued upon inspection of returned item. PayPal payments will receive a PayPal refund. In order to receive a PayPal refund, PayPal requires that the customer establish a "registered" PayPal account.

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