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Sep 22, 2016

We're Going To A Sock Hop For Halloween 2016

It's going to be hard to pick the perfect style but we're going to be voted the best dancer at the Halloween 2016 Sock Hop!

Sep 20, 2016

Mark Cohen's Sweater & Scarf

Looking for Mark's trademark maroon and light blue sweater?

We've received a number of inquiries asking if we still sell the RENT� sweater. The answer is yes.

Mark's sweater and scarf continue as our top selling reproduction knitwear - currently outselling the sweaters, scarves and even the cardigans in Hobbie's Harry Potter� inspired wizard wear collection.

A couple weeks ago, we added a t-shirt version of the trademark sweater. This is a lightweight version of our original design.

We custom knit the sweater for lead actors in youth theater productions, High School drama productions, as well as other theater productions.

If you have any questions regarding either version of the sweater (or the scarf), be sure to contact us through the SHOP. Click on the red tab to open the contact form

Did you play the role of Mark in a theater production or are you interested in assembling a complete "Mark Cohen" look or costume?

Simply click on the links below.

Men's RENT� Styled Sweater

Misses RENT� Styled Sweater

RENT� Styled Scarves

The link to the Shop is included in this post.

From the main shop page:

  • Click on the blue bar to Select the "Collection"
  • Within each Collection, hover over a specific image. Each image is linked to a product specific page. Click on the link.
  • The drop-down menu displays the smallest size available. Click on the little arrow at the left of the box to reveal all available sizes.
  • Select your preferred size and "add to cart"
  • On the left of the Shopping Cart page is a text box for "special instructions for seller"
  • Shipping is calculated upon "checkout" and cost is determined by total weight of ordered items AND destination.
  • Select appropriate shipping method - continental USA or International.
  • Sweaters and scarves are custom made to order. Turn around time is dictated by the volume of orders we receive from all sources.

    Photo � Manuel Mazzaro - CETEM Production of RENT� Buenos Aires Argentina 2013

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Sep 17, 2016

The Wizard Scarf

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Sep 14, 2016

What Is Wearing Ease? The Size 42 Cardigan Question

Before you pick a pattern in a specific size, take a few measurements and knit a stitch and row gauge swatch. No need to waste your time knitting a cardigan that will not fit. :-)

Sep 09, 2016

DIY Patterns & Robes For Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes

Harry Potter Hogwarts robes just in time for Halloween! Use one of these great patterns and tutorials to make one.