Toddler Sweater Measurements

Toddler sweater measurements for a child's size 3T!  

We re-created one of our most popular pages titled Sweater Measurements Childs Size 3T.

Toddler sweaters are quickly outgrown but that does not stop avid knitters from creating mini-me sweaters.  

Questions about toddler sweater measurements are among our most frequent inquiries.  

Wondering about sweater measurements for a 3-year-old child?

Today's three year old is far from toddling, but height and weight will also affect the size your child wears. 

Don't forget that the size "3" actually comes in two sizes: the Toddler3 and the regular size 3. 

Toddler sizes tend to be shorter and wider than the corresponding child's size.

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Toddler Sweater Measurements and Sweater Measurements For All Childrens Sizes

Measurements For Sizes 2T to Child's Size 14

At Hobbie's House, we use the sizing chart below when designing the "standard" toddler's size 3. We also add growing room (aka extra wearing ease) to all designs for children up to the size 14.

Be sure to use the chart as a guide to help you pick the correct size to knit for your child. The child in question may need a size 4 or perhaps a 4T.

As a rule, consumers tend to purchase clothing for infants, babies and toddlers according to their age, but different manufacturers follow different sizing guidelines.

It is good to remember that any knitting pattern is drafted according to style, fit and the designer's own set of measurements.

These measurements may not be anywhere near what you need so just measure the child and go with those measurements.

The measurements we are providing below are body measurements not finished garment measurements. Always view the "age" and "measurements" as averages for that particular age group.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, children of the same age come in many sizes. A good case in point are Hobbie's twin elves...well into sizes 6/7 while still 4 years old due to height and weight well above the median percentile for their age group.

They are far from plump - in fact, right now they look skinny as a rail but they're just destined to be tall and built accordingly.

If your child's measurement hovers between two sizes, don't hesitate to pick the larger size. You may even need to customize the measurements for what I refer to as the "now and a little later" fit.

Why spend the time knitting if the sweater will only fit for a few months?

Sweaters are basically outerwear, designed to be worn layered over other garments such as turtlenecks or long sleeved shirts.

Be sure to compare your child's actual measurements to those of the standard/average toddler sweater measurements for a 3T, the regular size 3 AND to the measurements provided with your knitting pattern.

In my experience, the toddler size 3 will probably fit a 2-year-old perfectly.

Size 3T Sweater Measurements

  • Full Chest=22 inches;
  • Hips=22.5 inches;
  • Shoulder width=10 inches;
  • Arm length=13 inches.
Knit the sweater to the following finished measurements:
  • Chest/hip=24 1/2 inches;
  • Sleeve length=13 inches;
  • Finished cardigan length for a size 3T - about 14 to 14.5 inches. Length is totally adjustable. For the twins, I needed to adjust to nearly 16 inches.

Sleeve and body length can be adjusted for a perfect fit by adding several rows just before the underarm shaping.

Here is a great guide we found on eBay© related to understanding the differences between infant and toddlers sizes. The guide lists measurements for a variety of sizes including European sizing.

Read more about sweater measurements for children up to a child's size 14.