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"Thanks for being so awesome to provide this service to fans for so long. It's kind of sad to think that the high notes are all almost over in this fandom --- September 14, 2010"

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The testimonials listed below reflect only some of the comments customers have chosen to send our way since we opened our virtual doors in late 2002.

The comments represent a sampling of these kind words as they relate to our wizard wear - all sweater styles, scarves, and socks. These are candid and largely unedited testimonials [edited only to the extent that they do not include every single word within the customer's email. We sometimes add a reference to the item in question].

These testimonials are not arranged in any particular chronological order. Some testimonials to our early designs and some to more than one item of wizard wear. Some testimonials appear on product specific pages.This positive feedback comes from customers all over the world. All testimonials were submitted in English, as you read them.We are truly happy to see that since we opened the doors to Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear, the magic has spread near, far, very far and everywhere in between. Hobbie's wizard wear can be found from coast to coast in the United States as well as Hawaii and Puerto Rico; in Canada, from British Columbia to Ontario; In several European countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, and Greece; then on to Malaysia, Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand!

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Post Your Testimonial Right Here!

You're invited to share your wizard wear testimonial with all wizarding fans by building your own webpage at Hobbie's House. We hope you will also add a photo to illustrate your story although it is entirely optional to do so.

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

Recent Testimonials

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Shane Gordon: Wizard Costume Maker, Dad 
This is a picture of my two sons and my brother in the "Harry Potter" costumes that I (mostly) made. I did the school and "Quidditch©" robes and "Quidditch©" …

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Testimonials From U.S. Customers

"I just received my POA Wizard Cardigan today and I love it. It is amazing and it turned out perfectly. I have ordered the first Wizard sweater from the first two movies along with the scarf, and I also ordered the trapped bar OOTP scarf. All of which turned out wonderful. Thanks so much" -- Melissa, Illinois, July 9, 2009

"Excellent red/gold wizard scarf... highly recommend." -- Ohio

"I'd like to place another order because I really love my wizard scarf... I'm interested in getting a sweater..." -- New York

"...I absolutely love the wizard scarf and sweater. They're both gorgeous!!! " -- Ohio

"A friend of mine saw the quality of the wizard scarf and now wants one for herself ...your products are wonderfully made" -- Florida

"The color matches the team robe I have exactly... I've seen other school sweaters online, but none of them came as close to authenticity as what I can see in the photo does." -- New Jersey

"The school sweaters arrived today, and The Kids love them..." -- Georgia

"I got the school sweater! It's beautiful!" -- California

"Just received the socks today! They're gorgeous, fit perfectly, and are SO comfortable!" - Stef, Michigan - February 2006

"We got the school sweater for my daughter yesterday. She and I like it very much, it fits well and looks great; very high quality. Thanks so much!" -- Illinois

"My daughter thinks the vest is awesome, amazing!" -- California

"The 2 adult and size 10 child's sweater arrived yesterday. It fit perfectly. The workmanship is superb!
I knew they would be worth waiting for. The adult sweaters also fit perfectly! The kids were excited and insisted on wearing them to a family Holiday party! When you develop a button front, cardigan style sweater, I'll be back!" -- Massachusetts

"The school sweater and scarf came. They are fabulous! Where can I find robes of really high quality like your wizard scarves and Sports Team sweaters?" -- Illinois

"The school sweater better than I could have imagined" -- Washington

"Gorgeous scarf... Also own an official one, which was $40 more... quality is just as good!" -- Oregon

"... I got my wizard scarf yesterday and I LOVE it." -- California

"The wizard scarves are awesome!!" -- Washington

"My youngest wore the sz 7 sweater to a Christmas party today and received compliments on it! No one realized it was copied from a movie and I feel it's wayyyy to nice not to be worn on as many occasions as possible. Although I know your customers are impressed by your work and quality, I wanted to let you know you have impressed those beyond the normal fan base!" -- Massachusetts

"I recieved the package...and it fits great. : ) I did not mind waiting since I knew the sweater would be made with great care in the end." -- California

"Today I received the scarf and I was thrilled with it. It is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait for the sweater. Thank you so much for the wonderful scarf. I am stunned." -- March 2005, Sweden

"...my wizard scarf arrived today, and it is absolutely stunning! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful and accurate reproduction" -- Texas

"I received my 7.5 foot scarf, and wore it at work all day, much to the jealousy of my co-workers. My original school sweater helped me win first place on Halloween in our workplace costume contest. Top-quality goods at very reasonable prices. Thank you so much!" - Lin, California - October 2005

"I just got my socks ...! They fit my feet perfectly." -- Mike, Texas, May 2005

"I just got my scarf today, and I LOVE IT!!! I already decided that I'm going to do a uniform for each house, and getting the scarf just solidified that." -- Tracey, California, May 2005

"I just received my sweater and socks. They are fantastic – as accurate as any ‘wizard wear’ could possibly be! Thank you so much!" - Carolyn, California, June 2005

"Got my sweater [a news style Team Sweater] yesterday. It is GORGEOUS!!!" - Mike, California, October 2005

"The Blue/Silver New Style Sweater I ordered arrived today and it's so wonderful! It fits perfectly and it looks like it was made for the movie!
My sweater even arrived MONTHS before I expected it to, and I owe my thanks of this wonderful product to the best site to find any wizard knitwear. Thank you!" - Brenda, Wisconsin - June 3, 2006

Testimonials From International Customers

The wizard scarf arrived today and it's AWESOME! She's gonna love it! -- Ontario

"the sports team sweater arrived today and it is AWESOME! I love it!!! Beyond what I ever expected, I will be back for my school sweater soon" -- Ontario

"the wizard scarf and sports team sweater arrived safely in the mail today. Thank you so much! They are absolutely perfect. I couldn't be happier with them" -- British Columbia

"...got the sweater this morning and wow! I love it! I wore it to work as well and it was very comfortable all day but most importantly it looked so good! " -- April 2005, England

"My daughter went as a wizard for Halloween last year and she looked the part with her sweater. She was asked by people everywhere where she got it and we were so pleased to say "Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear". I am looking forward in receiving my sweater for the...book release parties and up coming movies events. Thank you for making our costumes magical! " -- Heather W, Washington, April 2005

"The sweater and the scarf arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely stunned. The sweater fits perfectly and I couldn't stop wearing it all the day ;-) Thank you very much for your amazing work." -- March 2005, Germany

"I have received my [8.5 ft] scarf. It's so nice..I love it...I am really satisfied....I want the School sweater also actually..but I know It's too late now." - Maurice, Sweden, October 2005

"I received my scarf today, and once again I am amazed! It's the exact right colors and so soft and cozy I'm wishing it were winter! You guys are amazing - I saw my testimonial on here and just had to write again. Your products are incomparable to anything else out there- the quality, accuracy and craftsmanship is unbelievable" - Sarah, Alberta, Canada - June 8, 2006

"Received school sweater today and am amazed at the quality of the product! It's a perfect fit, gorgeous, beautifully made and looks like it came right out of the movie! I am so pleased, now I really can't wait to get my scarf! Thanks so much- I'm telling everyone about you!" - Sarah, Alberta, Canada - February 2006

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