The School Sports Team Sweater

"How do I compare misses sizes to a junior sizes? I really don't know which I should order or which size would be a better fit."

Get out your measuring tape because there is a difference between each size range. The questions here is how does a Misses size compare to a Junior size.

In an earlier post, we covered the differences between the two size ranges but here are the measurements to determine specifically which Junior size comes closest to an "8" in the Misses size range.

There is one other factor which can throw off all "sizing" and measurements - how generous the manufacturer is in their idea of sizing. The easiest way to put it is this...when it comes to comparing sizes, the more expensive the brand, the more true to size and the more generous the wearing ease.

Have you ever had the opportunity to try on various sweaters of the same size but from different labels and manufacturers? Try it sometimes - you will be amazed.

Let's start by comparing Misses sizes to Junior sizes.

The difference is not just in the finished measurements. You can also tell the difference in the construction and finishing method. The high end garments will be full fashioned (individual garment pieces are made separately then assembled) rather than completed using the cut and sew method.

The big ticket items also provide you with more wearing ease above and beyond the design ease.

Please note that the measurements given below are your actual measurements not the finished measurements of the garment itself.

Also, the style of a garment will affect how it fits - outerwear [jackets, vests, coats and cardigans] has varying amounts of added wearing ease - they are designed to be layered over other garments.

Certain sweater styles have "negative" wearing other words they are literally smaller than your actual body measurements. Team Sweater - It's the Sports Team sweater in bright colors, subdued tones...or in your own school colors!

Time to show off your school spirit.

Change into your sports uniform and prepare for Wizarding's fast and furious sport.

All you need is a robe, the protective gear and of course a broom unlike any other.

Get set for this high energy game wearing a sweater in your favorite colors.

To make the "PoA" style as authentic as the sweater seen on the big screen, this *new style* Team Sweater features darker, richer colors and a few design changes.

In a hurry to create an award winning costume?   ==> Check Out Some Fabulous Accessories!

Super warm and comfortable, this heavy knit pullover is accented with a wide stripe across the chest and upper arm. 100% acrylic yarns are used for softness and durability.

The sweater is knit in a unique stitch pattern which give the sweater an overall "padded" effect.

Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear makes both:

  • The original, "Chamber of Secrets©" styled sweater without the stripes and
  • The "PoA" styled Team Sweater with narrow stripes near the sleeve cuff and the bottom edge of the body.

US Quidditch Rulebook, Ninth EditionUS Quidditch Rulebook, Ninth EditionQuidditch Through the AgesQuidditch Through the Ages

We knit the sweater in all Wizard School colors combinations or in custom colors.

Knit in the same high quality, imported yarns as that used to knit the wizard scarf and the school sweater, the Sports Team sweater has a "long line" style with modified set in sleeves to allow for unrestricted movement during a game.

The sweater is designed to have the rugby shirt "look" with a side seam slit and with the back slightly longer than the front. The back is 1 inch longer than the front.

Available in a wide range of Junior, Misses, and Men's sizes, as well as children's sizes, to fit just about any team player!

Original colors, the new darker colors, your school, university or pro sports team colors...we'll knit the sweater in any color combination! Minor adjustments to sleeve and body length at no extra cost.

At Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear, our aim is to give you the best fit possible within a wide range of standard sizes.

This "winter weight" sweater is designed to have a “fitted” style so be sure to select the size that comes closest to your ACTUAL bust/chest measurement.

We also knit the sweater for children

The team sweaters are custom made to order and not available for immediate delivery.

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