The Wizard School Sweater

The school sweater - is available in two styles and in all House colors...

It is our version of one of the most basic components of the Hogwarts® inspired school uniform.  This is the original, Chamber of Secrets© styled sweater.

Both this and the Prisoner of Azkaban® style sweaters are custom made to order and available for all four House color combinations.

Unfortunately, our favorite acrylic "regulation" school grey yarn for school uniforms was discontinued early in 2007.

We still receive requests for the COS styled vest and sweater so the original fingering weight yarn has been replaced with a heathered grey shade (also a regulation school grey) in machine washable 100% acrylic sports weight fiber.

The weight is not quite as authentic but for those wizards who still prefer acrylic over wool due to allergies, it is an acceptable variation.

The "Chamber of Secrets®" styled sweater can be knit in 100% wool. The wool is very close in color to the original grey.

If you are not allergic to wool, the COS styled sweater in 100% wool transforms into heirloom quality knitwear.

We do not knit stripes on the sleeves of the Chamber of Secrets® styled sweater.  The sleeveless vest features solid colored armbands.

Designed to be semi-fitted, both versions give you generous amounts of wearing ease. This allows for layering to include a white or cream, long sleeve shirt and house tie which are part of the Wizard School uniform. If you prefer less wearing ease, we can definitely alter the fit but remember that it will be layered and that the layers "eat up" quite a bit of that extra space.

We selected the regulation school grey yarn to match the trousers or a pleated skirt available at most school uniform shops such as Buckhead® Uniforms.

Available in both the original bright colors seen in the very first movie or the more subdued school colors [even in the "book" colors of blue/bronze], the sweater is color coordinated to the Wizard Scarf.

Do you already know which version of the School Sweater is missing from your school uniform wardrobe?

To order the Order the Chamber of Secrets© "COS" styled school sweater version, please visit our new shopping platform at

Be sure to review all sizing and pricing information for the various sweaters.  If in doubt about the sizing, be sure to contact us prior to ordering to review specific measurements.

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 Harry Potter, Child's Hermione Cardigan and Tie, Large

The lower edge of sweater body and the V-shaped neckline (of the Hobbie's House sweater, vest or cardigan) are trimmed in boarding or day "house" colors. The stripe pattern is made up of three even rows.

The maroon, blue and green trims are knit in a dark/light/dark stripe sequence whereas the yellow grouping is knit in a light/dark/light sequence.

The cardigan pictured at ledt works well for costuming purposes If your wizard school student is not going after an absolutely authentic look,

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Although sweaters, vests and cardigans come in a wide range of standard sizes, each item can be further customized for a perfect fit.

Do not hesitate to contact us, prior to ordering, to verify measurements and ask any questions you may have regarding sizing and fit for a specific sweater style.

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COS Styled School Sweater