"RENT" - The Musical and Movie

RENT - the rock musical - has been a favorite for years now and the popularity trend continues...both with fans and with performers who are lucky enough to land the lead part.

At Hobbie's House, the trend started during the summer of 2005 when a customer requested a custom sweater and scarf set to attend the premiere showing of the film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name.

Most sweater and scarf sets are custom knit for the lead character in High School drama and theater productions, as well as community theater productions across the United States from California to New York, Canada, several European countries, countries in South America and Asia, and even Down Under!

All information related to the RENT sweater and scarf can now be found at Custom Costume Knits.

What does the RENT sweater look like?

RENT Styled Sweater & Scarf

It looks as authentic as possible when compared to the original sweater both in color and fit.

First designed to reproduce the look but more specifically - the fit - of the original sweater as worn by "Mark", customers found that this sweater did not fit them quite the way other sweaters did.

The sweater seen in the movie is very fitted and quite short.

In 2007, we altered the design to be slightly less fitted and added a couple inches to the finished length. The original, very fitted version is certainly available upon request.

The sweater is a cozy ribbed pullover in maroon/light blue with narrow chest and sleeve stripes.

The original version was lightweight - our version is of medium weight.  In September 2016, we introduced a lightweight, t-shirt style version of the sweater.  With the exception of the finished weight of the sweater, the style is identical.

The wide neckline is trimmed with a narrow, contrasting band.

navy and white striped scarf completes the set.

"Thank you SO much! Job well done on the 'Mark Cohen' sweater! You even delivered earlier than expected. Excellent Service!!!"

"My son was thrilled with his custom made sweater and scarf for his role as Mark. The sweater was a total hit and when he wore it to the first dress rehearsal. There was great look of surprise and excitement from the director, assistant direct and the entire RENT cast when they saw him wearing the sweater."

"...I wanted to let you know that we received the” sweater and scarf set this week – in plenty of time for our show – and it’s perfect. I’m happy, the actor’s happy, the director’s happy…so thank you. I appreciate your help and wanted to let you know that we are VERY satisfied customers!"

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