The Portrait Gallery At Hobbie's House

No vanishing acts in this portrait gallery!

Just the sweaters, the scarves and the wizards who wear them...Hobbie's House wizards from near and far showing off their Cosplay finery.

Send in your photo or photos wearing our wizard wear and we'll add them to our Gallery.

If you would like to add your "portrait" to our Gallery, even if your costume does not include Hobbie's wizard wear, just send in the photo along with details.

This will help other Harry Potter© fans interested in locating wizarding resources to assemble an authentic looking wizard school uniform.

Remember to take plenty of photos!

Photos featured below are courtesy of photographer Matt Black.

To create these incredible wizard sports costumes, these 2 Pennsylvania wizards assembled the components from a variety of sources.

The green/silver and blue/silver Sports Team sweaters were commissioned from Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear.

Portrait Gallery - Team Sports

On the right, the detailed arm pads, knee pads and shin guards made by

On the left, costume pieces include store bought chino pants, soccer style socks, and custom made robes. Goggles were purchased from the Warner Brothers© shop. The late model broom was custom made!

Portrait Gallery - Wizard School Uniform

Resources for Sara's great costume:
  • The Robe is from eBay©;
  • Tie from;
  • Shirt is from KMart©;
  • Skirt is from the Buckhead® Uniforms collection;
  • Wand from WhimsicAlley®;
  • Sweater is Hobbie's "PoA" New Style Sweater with dark blue/silver trim.
Sam wearing a sweater from Old Navy; tie and shirt from Wal-Mart; trouser from Dillards®, and shoes from Pay-Less®. He made the school robe and the wand.

Dylan, in the center, wears his Wizard School sweater.

Van [California] in full wizard uniform!

Robe from *Wizarding School Robes*; Wizard ties from Amazon; Robe patch from The Patch Palace;Sweater by Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear.