Measurements and Fit: It's
A Matter of Wearing Ease

Correct measurements are critical to achieving the perfect fit.

Throughout the apparel industry, you will come across a variety of terms which indicate the way clothing will fit any given person. This terminology applies to knitwear as well.

Sweaters can be described as fitted, close fitting, of average fit, loose fitting and even oversized.

Don't let the label fool you. Depending on the style of the sweater, each descriptive sizing label represents an amount of wearing and design ease, in other words - extra inches - that have been "built into" or subtracted from the pattern to give the finished garment a particular fit and overall look.

What Is Wearing Ease?

Wearing ease is the amount of extra fabric in a sweater above and beyond your actual body measurements.

You actually need this extra space just so you can move while wearing your sweater.

It is also assumed that you will be wearing the sweater layered over another item of the case of a Wizard School uniform sweater - a long sleeve shirt. The long sleeved shirt will take up some of that extra "space".

  • Fitted = -10% wearing ease
  • Close fit = - 5% wearing ease
  • Average fit = up to 10% wearing ease
  • Loose fitting = nearly 15% wearing ease
  • Oversized fit = up to 20% wearing ease
  • Actual Versus Finished Size

    What is design ease?

    Design ease is the amount of extra fabric added to the wearing ease in order to give a finished sweater the specific look a designer intended to achieve.

    The chart below illustrates the difference between actual and finished measurements as they relate to Hobbie's wizard wear. Design ease as described below is not applicable to the RENT© sweater.

    The RENT© sweater has a minimum of wearing ease.

    In fact, many customers often order it with "negative" ease. The result? a clingy sweater, which is fine for that style but would not work for a stockinet stitch fabric.

    For An Actual Body Measurement of...

    The Finished Sweater will be:

    Child's S.12 - 30.5" chest

    33.8 inches

    Miss SM - 35 in. bust

    38 inches

    Miss MED - 37.5 in. bust

    40.8 inches

    Men's 40 in. chest

    44 1/4 inches

    Men's 46 in. chest

    50.9 inches

     Sizing Information For Hobbie's Wizard Wear Products

    For the convenience of our many international customers, we converted the finished size of our sweaters into centimeters.

    Click on the links in the "Resources" box in the right hand column to view the sizing conversions and compare both these as they apply to Hobbie's wizard wear and to various international sizing systems, including UK and European Sizes.

    Hobbie's wizard wear sweaters are available in garment industry "standard" sizes of XSmall, Small, Medium, Large and XLarge for Misses, Men, Juniors and Children.

    We have included charts for all standard sizes so that you can compare them to individual sizes in each range.

    You can still order Hobbie's sweaters in semi-fitted, individual sizes such as a Ladies 6 or a Man's 42, for a totally custom fit - should minor alterations be required.

    You will find additional information related to fit, standard versus custom sizing, and additional sizing information in the following related pages. Still can't find an answer to your specific question?

    Just send us an email.  You can also visit our Custom Costume Knits blog to review the various articles written about Sizing & Measurements.

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