Knitting Pattern Collection:
Knit Your Own "Wizard Wear"

Looking for a knitting pattern inspired by the "Harry Potter© and Hogwarts" uniforms?

The pattern collection has grown to include knitting instructions for everyone from the littlest wizards to children and adults, up to plus sizes.

For those fans who prefer the DIY approach and who want to knit their own wizard wear, our patterns include instructions for vests, school sweaters, cardigans, cardigan vests, and "Team" sweaters.

Don't forget our knitting patterns for children.

We draft the patterns in standard, "Medium" sizes but we'll be happy to draft one in a specific size.

We designed the knitting patterns to be "generic" in nature...knit with economical yarns available at retail stores such as Joann and easily customized by knitters of all skill levels but easy enough for beginners with knowledge of basic knitting techniques.

We also added our take on knitting the house stripe pattern and details about where to find authentic yarn colors to knit any "wizard wear" pattern.

We also assume that this basic knitting knowledge includes the ability to cast on, cast off, increase and decrease stitches, make minor adjustments [such as shortening/lengthening the sweater body and sleeves] to the pattern to suit your "fit" preference and to change colors.

Hobbie's entire collection of knitting patterns can now be found on a single website page, with patterns listed in categories.

  • Knitting patterns in standard sizes, specifically designed as "Wizard Wear".
  • Designs which can be adapted to other purposes, such as for school uniforms.
  • Patterns that include a listing of required materials with approximate amount needed to complete the project.
  • Detailed lists of yarn colors in authentic looking "Harry Potter©" colors to reproduce the sweaters as accurately as possible
  • Instructions include detailed directions for increases and decreases.
  • When we add another pattern, subscribers will be the first to be sure to use a valid email you check daily.
You'll discover hints and techniques I've collected during more than 35 years in the custom knitting business. What's more, I'll detail how you incorporate these techniques into your own knitting for a great fitting sweater.

V-Neck School Vest Pattern

The Wizard School vest pattern is one of the most requested knitting patterns in Hobbie's House collection of wizard wear.

In fact, soon after we opened Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear, the vest quickly became the top "special customizing request" from all wizards who live in warmer climates. It has remained at the top of our knitting pattern collection in terms of popularity.

If you've knit this Wizard School vest [we know someone who knit more than 5 as Christmas presents], be sure to share your comments, suggestions, hints and tips regarding this knitting pattern by creating your own "show 'n tell" web page on our website.

Vests are a nice alternative to the long sleeved wizard school sweater when you consider that most cons and this year's movie premiere take place during summer months when long sleeves are not really needed.

This school vest pattern is for a sleeveless V-neck vest in regular length [vests are slightly shorter than pullovers], with a ribbed band at the bottom and around the armholes. The neckband is a single ribbed band. The same vest pattern can be used to knit either the original school sweater vest or the *new style* school sweater vest. We also have the school vest pattern in sizes for children.

The stripe pattern and it's location is slightly different for each style:

For a "CoS" styled vests, the stripes are made up of an even sequence of rows in contrast colors. Add the stripe pattern to the neckband and the bottom of the vest body.

If you are knitting a "PoA" styled vest, the stripes are made up of a narrow/wide/narrow sequence of rows in contrast colors. Add the stripe pattern to the bottom of this v-neck vest body for a garment perfectly suited to become part of the *new style* wizard school uniform.

We now know that vests are part of the uniform and the armbands are solid colored - for both styles.

Up until the release of the last wizard movie, vests were not known to even be a part of the school uniform. It is a quick and easy school vest pattern written for the beginning knitter with experience in the basic techniques.

We are currently consolidating all our patterns while we migrate to a new look. As soon as we have more pages transferred over, we will have a new link to all patterns.

cardigan vest is the perfect compromise between the pullover sweater and the Wizard School vest. Styled exactly like the long sleeve cardigan but without the sleeves. It just became a little easier to wear the complete Wizard School uniform during those blazing summer temperatures.

School Sweater Pattern

The School Sweater Pattern provides you with quick and easy directions to knit what is an essential component of your Wizard School uniform wardrobe.

Hobbie's original knitting pattern for the Chamber of Secrets® styled costume prop is for a V-neck pullover sweater (jumper) in Misses size 12-14.

This version of the school sweater is knit in Lion Brand® Wool Ease, a worsted weight yarn. Although the Wool Ease is quick to knit and inexpensive, future patterns will be written up using Patons® Classic Merino wool - a somewhat lighter weight yarn with a great hand.

The Ladies 12-14 is designed for a wizard student with an actual bust measurement of 40 inches. We've added 2.6 inches of wearing ease, which is a minimum amount for a garment intended to be layered over a long sleeved shirt. This minimum wearing ease produces a more "fitted" look.

This pattern is for a V-neck pullover with set-in sleeves, in regular length [which can easily be adjusted], and with a ribbed band at the bottom of the sweater body. The long, tapered sleeves feature a ribbed cuff. The neck-band is a single ribbed band.

This is a quick and easy pattern written for the beginning knitter with experience in basic knitting techniques. We also assume you are able to make minor adjustments [lengthening sleeves or body] to the pattern to suit your sizing preference.

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering Yarn - $4.60

A Brown Sheep staple since 1987, the Nature Spun Fingering weight is a light weight variation on the classic collection, available in the signature spectrum of striking hues.

With a plied texture and soft hand, this yarn provides excellent stitch definition, great for delicate lacework.

Knitted up, it produces a fabric with gentle drape and sheen, perfect for an elegant evening shawl or stunning scarf!

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Knitting Pattern Hints And Tips

Yarn colors for Hogwarts knits

Depending on the way you knit [loosely or tightly], you may need to change to larger or smaller knitting needles to achieve the gauge used in this pattern.

Please read through the entire pattern before beginning to knit and review the notes at the end of the pattern directions.

Remember that in order for your vest to be the correct size, according to the diagram, it is not the type or brand of yarn you knit with that matters, but the accuracy of the stitch and row gauge.

If you feel your gauge is somewhat off from the suggested stitch and row measurement, be sure to follow the measurements on the diagram.

The school uniform knits are basically stocking stitch and 1 by 1 ribbing. The stripe pattern is nothing more than a change in yarn colors. Quick and easy knitting made even simpler when you shop at Joann. It's worth a visit to the store and we may even cross paths in their yarn department.

Have Any Questions?

...related to our knitting patterns?

We've made it easy for you to ask questions, get answers, post a comment to this page and share them with visitors to Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear.

We receive many email inquiries related to our wizard wear knitting patterns.

While certain questions relate to a personal pattern we drafted by special request, most questions submitted by visitors are often very general in nature.

Other questions cover a wide range of specific knitting topics beneficial to all new knitters but also of interest to everyone. A sampling of the questions related to our knitting patterns include:
  • How to get the correct stitch and row gauge.
  • How to lengthen the sleeve or the body length.
  • Can you use a totally different yarn?

school sweater

My name is Lily, and I purchased one of your kits to build my complete Hogwarts replica Uniform. 

I loved the experience I had with the patterns. They were easy to follow, and I had a great time putting together the outfit. I used your pattern to make my sweater, and then also purchased a sweet robe.   I had no problem following the pattern instructions, and I love the sweater very much. To complete the outfit I also made my knee high socks, yet I purchased the skirt off another website due to the look that I wanted to achieve. 

I've worn this outfit a few days that I wanted to have fun and bug my co-workers, since they know I absolutely love Harry Potter. I plan on wearing it for Halloween. What is unique is that people always stop to let me know that the sweater looks great and they wonder where I got it, I tell them where I got the pattern, and that I made it myself, and they are dumbfounded by how nice it looks.

Thanks for the pattern, and for helping me complete the most awesome costume ever.   Lily 

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Did you make any changes to the knitting patterns? Post a question, share your comments...along with photos!

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