How To Take Sweater Measurements

by Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear

Measure the back width of a sweater at the shoulders.

Measure the back width of a sweater at the shoulders.

All you need in order to get the proper fit in Hobbie's House knitwear are a few basic body measurements: Bust/chest, sweater body and sleeve length.

They will help you choose just the right fit whether you opt for the custom sized sweater or the standard size.

These measurements will determine the size you should order and the amount of customizing, if any, that needs to be done.

They can also help you select the appropriate standard size.

The School Sweater is worn layered over a long sleeve shirt and tie. Take your bust/chest measurement over a shirt similar to the one you will be wearing with your costume.

Consider this new measurement to be your actual bust/chest measurement. You'll be surprised at how quickly a couple layers of clothing take up extra space and reduce the overall wearing ease.

The Team Sweater is probably worn with nothing more than an undershirt. Undergarments will not affect the fit.

However, due to it's unique, stretchy knit fabric design, Hobbie's Sports Team Sweater has a minimum of wearing and design ease built into the finished sweater.

For the Team Sweater, select the sweater size that is closest to your actual bust or chest measurement.

Consider your height and body type when selecting a size. It will help you in determining the correct sweater body length.

Misses and Mens' set-in sleeve sweaters differ slightly in width across the back shoulder: Misses are narrower while Mens are wider.

Ladies, for a great fit, please order from the Misses sizes so that the shoulder line of your sleeve sits at the shoulder rather than an inch or so down from your shoulder line.

The photo below shows where to place the tape measure to correctly measure the back width of a good fitting sweater - from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.

We are always available to verify sizing prior to ordering so please be sure to contact us to review sizing information - it's a free service.

We are not responsible for poor fit and refunds are not applicable if we are not provided with accurate information or, at a minimum, contacted for help in determining which size to order.

In more than a decade of "virtual" custom fitting, we have yet to misjudge the size a customer requires for a great fit.

If you do not see a size that "fits" you, why not contact form found on the FAQ page. We'll quickly customize an individual size for you.

Please review Hobbie's Wizard Wear individual and standard sizing charts for Children, Juniors, Petites, Misses and Men.

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