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A Selection of Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected frequently asked questions submitted by customers since we opened the doors to Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear in 2002.

You may just find that the answer to your question on this page.

Although many submitted questions are associated with specific orders, there are occasions when we deem these questions to be of interest to all potential customers.

As a result, we made it possible for you, the visitor, to automatically post your topic related questions to this page.

Each question you submit will become a new page on our site. We will post a response on your page and anyone can comment or add questions. To demonstrate what your question [and our response] will look like on this page, we actually seeded the new submission system with the most frequently asked question.

Please note that this page is reserved for generic, "Wizard Wear" related questions.

For questions directly related to outstanding orders, please contact Customer Service.

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A directory of frequently asked questions will build automatically at the bottom of this page. Please keep the submission related to our wizard wear. We reserve the right to delete unacceptable posts and simply respond via regular email.

Please note that we often receive complaints about not answering customer email inquiries. Magically enough, the complaints have no trouble finding us. We are very busy and there are times when an email slips by unanswered but we are definitely not in the business of ignoring your emails - we have too many systems in place to ensure that every legitimate email reaches our Post Box!

Be sure to check our site blog for the latest announcements. Not only does the blog update automatically when we make a change to any page on our website but the "What's New?" blog is where we will make major announcements affecting all customers.

If you don't see the answer to YOUR question here on the FAQ page, please submit it to our help desk or fill out the form below. Listed below are a few of the many questions already submitted:

  • I never received ANY kind of order confirmation email!
  • You're not answering my emails!
  • I ordered two days ago. When was the item shipped?
  • What is "custom made to order"?
  • Hobbie's Team Sweater does not have a House patch - why?
  • Why is the Team Sweater more expensive than the School Sweater?
  • Can I return my sweater?
  • What are your payment options?
  • What are the shipping options?
  • Frequently Asked Question Form

    Why No House Patch on the Team Sweater?

    House patches are readily available on the Internet - some more accurate looking than others. Hobbie's thought it best to let the customer select the patch of their choice. We do recommend you check out the beautiful, reasonably priced House patches found on eBay.

    Why the difference in price...

    between the Team Sweater and the School Sweater?. There are several reasons - the added time required to both knit the Team Sweater and the additional steps required to assemble it but above all, it's the quantity of yarn. It requires at least 50% more yarn to knit the Team Sweater than is needed to knit the School Sweater in the same size.

    Can I return my sweater?

    Each sweater is custom knit just for YOU. When you decide to place an order, it is important that you verify the following:

  • Verify that you are ordering the correct style - the 100% acrylic "school sweater" or the 100% wool "new style sweater".

  • Verify that you are ordering the correct size. Hobbie's makes every effort, via sizing and measurement charts plus email communication, to ensure that you have selected the correct size before you place the order.
  • We urge you to take advantage of this free service to communicate with us, verify measurements and sizing and get answers to any frequently asked questions you need. This is especially important when ordering a customized sweater but it is also important when ordering a standard size. Many customers "assume" that the sweater will fit without thinking of the particular style and fit. Please note that there is a difference in sizing/fit between Misses and Men's sweaters, especially across the shoulder width.

    What are your payment options?

    PayPal is an easy payment option. Perhaps too easy...You do not even have to be a registered PayPal member in order to use their services, however... you will have to open an account with PayPal should you ask for a refund.

    Please note that PayPal payments receive Paypal refunds.

    During 2005, many refunds went unclaimed because many customers [who changed their minds about ordering] were not registered PayPal members. To remedy this situation, we now require that you be a registered PayPal member. We also accept PayPal E-Checks.

    So what is our most frequently asked question? Irate customers write to us with the following comment..."I have not received my package and you've already charged my credit card!". Obviously, they completely overlook the notation included in every product description which states [in red letters] that our products are custom made and, more importantly, not available for immediate shipment.

    As with any other credit card purchase, in any local or online retail store, Paypal will charge your credit card when you place an order. Our products are custom-made to order after purchase.

    We ask that you please do not initiate charge-backs through PayPal. Charge-backs involve a month long process and you will not get your money back until the end of the process. If you want a refund before we knit your sweater or scarf, just write and ask for one. It will be issued immediately and your order will automatically be canceled. By the way, if you ask us for the refund, the money can be back in your account within minutes after receipt of the email!

    Please note that we do not carry any inventory and that any item you purchase is not available for immediate shipment. We post this in red within the product description box of each and every product.

    It is impossible to order, knit, ship and have our customers receive their custom made sweater or scarf within the 7 days required by Paypal... especially not with our current volume of orders.

    Instead of the minimum turn around time we had years ago, we now deliver on a monthly schedule.

    Should charge-backs continue, our only option will be to totally eliminate Paypal as a payment option and only accept checks or money orders.

    What are my shipping options?

    Domestic shipping is handled by the U.S. Postal Service via their Priority Mail service. We add Delivery Confirmation which allows us Hobbie's House and you to track the package. Insurance is optional.

    Under certain circumstances, we will ship using Express Mail. However, our standard turn around time includes transit time using regular Priority Mail. International shipping is also handled by the U.S. Postal Service via their International First Class Mail [Airmail] or Global Priority services. The package can be "registered" for an additional fee. Shipping time for "registered" packages is slightly longer however this service allows for tracking of your package.

    Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear is not responsible for any Customs Declaration fees. These fees do vary from country to country.

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    Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear collection of custom knit sweaters, scarves, vests and cardigans are neither official nor licensed Harry Potter© products. These heirloom quality knits are merely reproductions of our own design. We strive to make these, and other costuming pieces, as authentic looking as possible with the use of high quality materials, accurate colors, attention to detail and superior workmanship.

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    Many thanks to Pensine, from France, for sending us the following two links:
    For all manner of conversions for measurements of length, click HERE.

    Enter "y" measurement in centimeters, click on the corresponding button and all text boxes populate with conversions for that measurement...nautical mile, yard, inch, meter, even light years.

    For detailed charts comparing various European, UK, US clothing, shoes, shirts and sweaters sizes, click HERE.

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