The Football Scarf

Chelsea Football Club Scarf

Get your very own Premier League football scarf - football as in soccer.

"Blue is the color, Football is the game..."

Hobbie's original wizard scarf transforms into the ultimate football fan accessory - the team scarf.

Now you can wave those colors way up over your head while singing the team song.

It all started with Chelsea FC and their traditional bar scarf.

Football, also referred to as soccer, is definitely a favorite spectator sport at Hobbie's House, thanks to our very own midfielder.

Football is the ultimate spectator sport around the world but especially in England, western and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Beckham rocked the soccer world here in the USA then went back over to the other side of the Atlantic.

Wave That Football Scarf!

Bottom line? No matter where you live, football is THE game to watch.

So get your tickets, sing that team song and wave that scarf high over your head. Cheer on your team no matter the weather!

Hobbie's scarves are not officially licensed team merchandise - merely reproductions designed to customer specifications.

They are variations on the traditional bar scarves and are totally original in design.  They are, in effect, our original wizard scarves knit in 100% wool, in close to authentic team colors.

Please contact us for the individual prices.

Here is what the official Chelsea FC Bar Scarf looks like.
Team SpVgg Unterhaching Colors

Thanks for the Soccer Scarf!

"Ordered a scarf in my football club's colours.  Very impressed with the quality and product -- several people asked me where I got it from."

Photo courtesy of Paul (Munich, Germany) wearing scarf at home game.  Photo taken on 3/6/2010 outside club entrance.

Team SpVgg Unterhaching Colors

Football Scarf