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"How do I compare misses sizes to a junior sizes? I really don't know which I should order or which size would be a better fit."

Get out your measuring tape because there is a difference between each size range. The questions here is how does a Misses size compare to a Junior size.

In an earlier post, we covered the differences between the two size ranges but here are the measurements to determine specifically which Junior size comes closest to an "8" in the Misses size range.

There is one other factor which can throw off all "sizing" and measurements - how generous the manufacturer is in their idea of sizing. The easiest way to put it is this...when it comes to comparing sizes, the more expensive the brand, the more true to size and the more generous the wearing ease.

Have you ever had the opportunity to try on various sweaters of the same size but from different labels and manufacturers? Try it sometimes - you will be amazed.

Let's start by comparing Misses sizes to Junior sizes.

The difference is not just in the finished measurements. You can also tell the difference in the construction and finishing method. The high end garments will be full fashioned (individual garment pieces are made separately then assembled) rather than completed using the cut and sew method.

The big ticket items also provide you with more wearing ease above and beyond the design ease.

Please note that the measurements given below are your actual measurements not the finished measurements of the garment itself.

Also, the style of a garment will affect how it fits - outerwear [jackets, vests, coats and cardigans] has varying amounts of added wearing ease - they are designed to be layered over other garments.

Certain sweater styles have "negative" wearing other words they are literally smaller than your actual body measurements.

At Hobbie's House, custom knitting is our business...and has been since 1975, long before we opened the doors to Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear.

Early on, our specialty was custom made sweaters for children, but it soon evolved into knits for the parents as well!

Over the years, the business focus changed several times. It went from  knitting to custom sewing and eventually settled on a combination of both... to include group and one-on-one teaching, creation of custom fabrics, knitting of designer samples and sales of knitting equipment.

More than twenty years after our initial meeting, it was at the urging of one of our first local customers that we revived the custom knitting aspect of the business. She wanted a unique garment for her grand-daughter!

Since the appearance of the wizard Harry Potter© in books and movies, our main focus has been on custom sized sweaters in the form of wizard wear, but we've also received many requests for special designs totally unrelated to Hogwarts© and the Wizarding world.

The "Rent®" sweater and scarf combo featured in a popular Broadway show is a perfect example.

Other customers have ordered custom Anime knits, knitwear from movie and book characters, as well as scarves in their own High School, College, University and sports team colors.

They have even combined both styles of the Wizard School sweater.

"I just received my Blue/Silver color OOTP cardigan and am simply amazed at level of quality put into my new cardigan. I want to thank you for keeping me updated on the status of my order and ensuring that I would receive it in time for the movie and book releases.
I will DEFINITELY pass the word on how great you folks are...Once again, thanks!"
Ryan, Florida, June 2007

Even the Sports Team sweater takes on a totally different look when knit up in the colors of a pro ball team.

Here is another idea! The blue and bronze heathered "book" colors used as trim for the "COS" styled Wizard School sweater. This produces a subdued and classy look. Sweater and trim are in 100% acrylic for total wash and wear...ability.

We hope these custom designs have sparked your imagination. We are working on more special costume "knits". Hobbie's House is not just for wizard wear.

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