Classic Crewneck Pullover

by The Webmaster

Classic Crewneck Pullover Neckline

Classic Crewneck Pullover Neckline

Classic Crewneck Pullover Neckline
Look Ma...No Stripes!

On this page, give our latest addition to the Hobbie's collection - a crewneck version of the "Hogwarts®" sweater - a thumbs up or down.

Who says you can't have the "Harry Potter©" styled sweater updated for a completely different look and purpose?

One of our recent customers requested a customized version of the sweater...this one without any stripes and with a crew neck instead of the V-neck of the famed Hogwarts© style school uniform.

The same 100% wool yarn in the dark charcoal and in the same sports weight resulted in a completely new look. Dry clean only.

Depending on the thumbs ups in the form of Facebook "likes", Google+ "shares" and the resulting vote count, we'll add it to the product line in a full range of standard sizes.

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