Best Moments of My Life

by Angel Rodriguez
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

I was a junior in high school. I had heard of Rent, watched the movie, loved it, but I was too scared to audition for a part in the upcoming school musical: Rent!

My friend eventually convinced me just to try it out. I did, thinking I wouldn't get a call back for any role.

When I was slowly falling in love with the role of Mark Cohen, I check the callbacks list and I notice that I had been called back for Angel, Mark, Roger, and Benny, as well as other minor characters.

I was shocked! My audition piece for Mark was to sing What You Own in a duet with a random Roger call-back.

When I performed the piece along with the Roger, the director began crying. The next day, it was announced that I had received the role of Mark Cohen, the role that I had become attached to the most, the part I really wanted.

During the rehearsals and performances, I believe I was going through some of the most amazing moments of my life. I had become the lead role of my favorite musical, and I had never been in any other production prior to that. I was proud of myself.

That summer, it was announced that I had been nominated for a local theater award for best lead role in a musical. I was amazed!

I did not win the award, but just knowing that all of this happened makes me look back and appreciate those moments.

Until this day, I have tickets, programs, photos, flyers, and posters of Rent that I collected during the time I was in the production.

Everytime I listen to the word "rent" or listen to a Rent song, my heart jumps in the inside.

I will be a Renthead for life!

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