RENT Sweater Sizing

Let's tackle the topic of RENT sweater sizing!

In 2008, we literally re-designed the sweater to address customer misconceptions about the FIT and sizing for this popular sweater.

Initially offered in an authentic reproduction of both the style and fit for this very popular sweater, it quickly become clear that most customers do not like the way the short, "too small" look and clingy style of the original sweater looks on their body frame.

As a result, we re-designed the sweater to be more average in size and length, albeit still fitted and with a bare minimum of wearing ease.

Accurate measurements are vital in selecting the right size for any item of custom knitwear. They are particularly vital for this sweater.  Please do not assume that a particular size will fit you or the person who will be wearing the sweater.

Finished Measurements are available for review. We can help you narrow down the size required for a perfect fit or even recommend a custom sized sweater.

The sizing information is for "standard" finished measurements for each size - chest, sleeve length, shoulder width and sweater body length.

If you have any questions about, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Determine which sweater size is closest to their actual body measurements taking into account the style and fit of the sweater.

Armed with these finished measurement, a customer should then contact us, prior to placing an order, to "fine-tune" the sizing if required.

This will eliminate any sizing issues with the finished garment as we do not issue refunds on custom sized garments.

These sweaters, once assembled in a specific size, are not designed or assembled ready to be taken apart, re-sized or re-fitted by the wardrobe mistress.  

Individual pieces are knit to specs and assembled to produce a specific size.

Select this sweater according to your actual chest size AND please note that there is a difference in FIT between the Men's and Misses' sizes!

Due to the fitted style of this sweater, RENT sweater sizing and measurements are extremely important in achieving a perfect fit - for this sweater.

Should you decide to order, please provide us with the following ACTUAL body measurements:

Your actual chest size; This sweater has a bare minimum of wearing ease due to the very stretchy nature of the knit fabric.   Men - if your chest measurement is 34", ORDER THE SIZE 34!

We automatically add the appropriate amount of wearing ease to the RENT sweater sizing to ensure a good fit.

Your desired sleeve length; Unless otherwise noted, we will knit the sleeve to the default, standard measurement for that size. Why do we list the shoulder width in the charts below?  

When your shoulder width measurement matches ours, the sleeve length is nearly always accurate...unless you have unusually short or long arms.

If your shoulder width is narrower or broader than the given measurement, be sure to include that *custom* measurement when communicating with us.

Narrow shoulders will cause the sleeve seam to drop off your shoulder - the sleeves become too long.

Broad shoulders will cause the sleeve seam to ride up the shoulder - the sleeves become too short.Determining accurate shoulder width is the key to proper fitting sleeves.

Your height; These sweaters are drafted for a person of average height [5'7" to 5'11"] and we automatically knit the sweater to the average length for a particular size, unless otherwise notified.

It is very easy to shorten or lengthen the sweater.

If you are tall [up to 6'4"] or petite [up to 5'3"], please let us know when ordering by adding this information to the "Ordering Instructions" text box found in the shopping cart.

You can also send for a detailed list of finished measurements for all available sizes. We customize these measurements for a perfect fit.

Sizing Chart