Wizard Wear Sweaters & Scarves

At Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear, we specialize in custom-made, custom-sized knitwear for Harry Potter® and costuming fans of all ages.

House scarves, V-neck pullover sweaters, V-neck vests and V-neck cardigans for the Hogwarts© uniform, ribbed sports team sweaters and much more, you'll find them all at Hobbie's House.

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This knitwear forms the basis of a very traditional school uniform and could easily be worn by students from any public, private or day school.

Hobbie's wizards wear their Hogwarts® inspired wizard scarves, uniform sweaters and sports team sweaters with matching striped socks, cardigans and vests to school or to the office - and not just on Halloween.

Want to knit your own wizard wear? Our knitting patterns includes everything from toddler sized vests to plus-size cardigans and the popular Team Sweater.

Hobbie's sweaters, scarves, vests and cardigans are available in all colors and styles seen in the Harry Potter® movies.  Our designs and reproductions also include various other items of knitwear for costuming purposes. 

While these reproductions are designed to be as close to authentic looking as possible compared to the original garment,  we do not copy, duplicate or reproduce any copyrighted patterns, designs and trademarked logos.

Every single sweater, vest or cardigan is:

  • Available in standard sizes or custom knit to personal measurements with...
  • Full fashioned construction, attention to detail and heirloom quality workmanship.
  • Knit in quality 100% worsted wool or easy care, 100% imported acrylic
  • Available in authentic looking "Hogwarts©" inspired colors and custom colors

Our Harry Potter© inspired knits continue to be very popular with fans but the sweater and scarf set worn by Mark Cohen in the ever popular Broadway musical "RENT®" ranks a close second in popularity.

With every passing year, the trend continues...

We "retire" several items each year and will continue this practice as time goes on.

Retired products are replaced by new, "special request" items of costuming knitwear or dropped completely from our product line.

But...if you happen to be looking for one of those retired products, just drop us a line.

Do you already know which piece is missing from your school uniform wardrobe?

Be sure to review all sizing and pricing information for the various items. The product specific pages provide visitors with full descriptions of the item, from materials, to color and price.

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Spam filters can be extremely efficient when it comes to unrecognized email addresses.  Check the Spam or junk mail folders as well to make sure our emails have not wandered off.

Although sweaters, vests and cardigans come in a wide range of standard sizes, each item can be further customized for a near perfect fit.

It is also recommended that you contact wizardknits.com, prior to ordering, to verify measurements and ask any questions you may have regarding sizing and fit for a specific sweater style.

Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear offer its customers:

  • Nearly 40 years of experience in the custom knitting business
  • Strict quality control. Each item is documented prior to shipping.
  • Every item is individually knit to personal specifications.
  • Free consultation via email prior to ordering
  • A support desk and excellent customer service

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